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The market is filled with all kinds of different science kits, each of which seems to be perfect for learning and playing, which ones should you choose? Here are our top 10 picks for the best science toys ideas available today. Whether you’re looking for something specific like a physics kit, chemistry set, or something more general like a biology kit, we’ve got you covered!

National Geographic’s Crystal Growing Kit

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All of the national geographic’s products are designed around the mission “Inspire people to care about the planet”, and the crystal growing kit is one of their featured products.

There are three functions in this kit: crystal planting, rock collection, and specimen display. It only takes 3~4 days to easily cultivate six brightly colored crystals. The set includes four real rock specimens, and the luminous base displays six kinds of brightly colored crystals.

Compared with other crystal growing kits, national geographic crystal growing is easier, and kids can easily grow beautiful stunning crystals. Detailed instructions make planting easier.

It takes about 3 weeks to grow all the crystals, each crystal has its unique shape and color, and all crystals can last for up to six months.

Thames & Kosmos’ Chemistry C500 Set

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The chemistry C500 chemistry tool kit is very suitable for chemical science courses.

Through it, students can conduct 28 scientific experiments on acids and bases, and learn about the reactions between solids, liquids, and gases during the experiments. While learning scientific knowledge, students can also get a sense of surprise. What could be more relaxed and enjoyable than this way of learning?

The steps, effects, and principles of each experiment can be found in the 48-page full-color experiment manual, which makes it easy for teachers to teach and students to learn.

With chemistry C500, children would be able to discover the hidden world of chemistry and how it affects everything around us.

Smithsonian’s Dig It Up! Dino Bones Excavation Kit

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Using hammers and chisels to dig out dinosaur skeletons from gypsum clods and assemble the bones into a cool T-REX is an amazing exploration that no child won’t love with this archaeological dig kit. Every detail of the dinosaur fossil digging kit proves to be the perfect science toy kit.

The simple white packaging can highlight the product well, and let people know what is in the box at once. Less is more, never wrong.

The dinosaur skeleton inside the dirt block is basically anatomically correct, and it stands pretty solidly.

The assembled skeleton is about 22cm long. Its workmanship is fine, the material is smooth, and the hand feeling is incomparable to low-quality products.

The detailed instruction manual introduces a wealth of dinosaur knowledge, and children can learn about the evolution and extinction of dinosaurs.

Tip: sprinkling the clods with water before digging will soften the plaster, making it easier for kids to dig.

4M’s Volcano Making Kit

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The 4M volcano making kit has 3 functions: making a volcano with a mold, doing a volcano eruption experiment, and painting a volcano. Through this set, children can learn about volcanic eruptions, and the chemical reaction of acetic acid and baking soda, and improve their painting skills.

The most important thing is that the volcano mold can be reused, instead of discarded after one use. For schools and parents, this volcano-making kit is very worth buying.

Tip: When mixing plaster slurry, add the plaster powder to the water, instead of adding water to the plaster powder.

Snap Circuits Junior

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Snap circuits, which has won many awards such as Seriously STEM, is firmly on the top of Amazon’s science kits sales list. This great scientific work is Creative, Engaging, educational and fun.

With reference to the easy-to-understand instructions, children can easily create 101 different electronic projects using more than 30 components, such as ALARM, DOORBELL, SPACE GAME, SIREN, WATER ALARM, FAN, FLYING SAUCER, SECURITY TRIP WIRE, VOICE ACTIVATEDLAMP, DANCINGLIGHTS… These projects use the same working circuit boards as those used in everyday devices (TV, radio), allowing children to learn how the circuits of familiar everyday devices work. This way of learning combined with life makes science learning easy and can plant the seeds of science in children’s hearts.

AmScope M150C Microscope 

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The AmScope M150C microscope is a highly rated scientific instrument that allows students to see things they have never seen before.

This microscope is equipped with an LED lighting system, which can make things seen through the glass lens clearer and brighter. The glass lens is of high quality and can magnify objects from 40 times to 1000 times.

The one thing that makes this microscope stand out is its ability to be used without cords, giving the user more flexibility in how they use it. It is very durable and although slightly more expensive than other brands of microscopes, it lasts longer. From another point of view, it is actually more cost-effective.

Overall, this is an excellent science instrument for students who want to explore the world of biology.

Joystemtoy Science Kits

wholesale science toys wholesale science toys

wholesale science toys wholesale science toys

Joystemtoy has more than 300 kinds of science kits, covering physics, chemistry, biology, geography, and other subjects. But they do not directly face end consumers, their customer base is wholesalers, importers, brand owners, education companies, schools, etc., and they also help companies build their brands with private labels.

If you have needs new science toys ideas, you can contact them to provide suggestions and make solutions for you.

Squishy Human Body

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This mannequin is perfect for students interested in biology and anatomy, its every component (bones, muscles, organs of the human body) can be disassembled and rebuilt allowing kids to understand the internal structure of the human body.

Our body is a food processing factory. When a piece of pizza enters the body from the mouth, the internal systems of the human body begin to work together to extract the nutrition and energy of the food to feed our body.

So what is the specific job of each organ of the human body? How does the food we eat turn into bones, muscles and brains? These questions can all be answered in the 24-page anatomy book and during the experiment.

Dan&Darci Light-Up Terrarium Kit

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Every child longs to have a miniature garden of their own, and then look forward to planting a seed that grows into a plant. This terrarium kit can make a child’s dream come true, and it’s sure to be a gift full of surprises.

It is not only a handmade art but also a STEM science project. Children can decorate the inside of the terrarium with stones, sand, soil, and stickers as they like. They can also plant wheatgrass and chia seeds in the sand and observe and record their growth process.

Grow by day, glow at night. Wow and fascinate kids while also being amazingly educational. As an adult, I couldn’t help but love it!

Creative’s Bug Watch

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The ‘Bug Watch’ is a great way to get young kids excited about bugs! It comes with an easy-to-use plastic jar that has built-in magnifiers at the top.

Kids can examine all different kinds of insects including their eyes, bodies, and number of legs while looking through this special plastic jar. The handbook provides information on how best to observe these creatures without harming them. Children can learn all about different types, what makes them unique from one another as well as important facts regarding their natural habitat or diet (if applicable).

These 10 science toys ideas are perfect for sparking an interest in science in children and provide a great way to learn while playing. With everything from chemistry sets to physics kits, there’s something here for everyone. Have you tried any of these? May I know what you are buying the science kit for? Subscribe to us to receive our future updates if you are interested in our article. Check out more science kits here.





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